Our quality are at the top level in China, please find the following feedback information

from some of our client.

1)Hi Michael
We received the bubbles yesterday. We tried them and we like them, and the construction look very clean. They are lots of fun to use to and seem very strong. 
I look forward to seeing the Zorbs when the arrive. Thanks you for getting the product to us quickly. 
Best Regards
-----From Jake
2) Sharon:
I got balls today;
They are perfect.. Thanks..

 -----From Tulay
color striped water ball
Hi Sharon,
the christmas tree & the inflatable model you made are fantastic!  Really like them.
-----From Mike
3) Linda,
Hello buddy - Quick message as Im a busy man 
We only buy from Linda - she has the best products 
all our kit is from Linda, stay away from pvc its total shit, only buy TPU and what linda says she is 
telling you is 100% what she sells you.
-----From Paul 
4)Hello Elin,
They look Great,  do the dogs have handle so kids can climb out of the water, two on both side and one on top, in front of the back leg.  They look really good, the  colours are great. 
----From Kevin
5)Hi Gigi,
I am glad that she contacted you.  We have been loving our bumper balls here at the camp - they are a favorite with kids and adults.  Thank you for the offer of a discount, we may be looking to order more inflatables before next summer and will certainly contact you. 
I hope all is well for you and your business, I will keep telling people about you if they are interested.  
----From Steve Roadhouse
 6)Hi Phoebe ,
We have received the merchandise today .We try only these . Love them.  
----From Jennifer 

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